Creating Strain-Free, Efficient Movement For the Athlete in All Of Us

Creating Strain-Free, Efficient Movement For the Athlete in All Of Us

About EPC and the Founder


Dr. Paul Krzesinski DC, ART™- Owner

"Purposeful Activity" . . . I first heard this phrase when I was an undergraduate in Dr. William Morgan's exercise psychology class at the UW-Madison.  Professor Morgan postulated that most exercise programs failed because there was no "meaningful purpose" attached to it.   I couldn't agree with him more. . . this was "the event" that led me down a path I am forever grateful for.


I'm Dr. Paul owner of Elite Performance Chiropractic in Delafield. The clinic is an environment where I get to see some really cool things happen day in and day out that inspires me to keep an open mind and never stop learning. I am reminded everyday how amazingly complex, brilliant, and unique the human body is and how little we understand about pain behavior models and movement. My unique approach integrates Active Release Technique, laser therapy, chiropractic and corrective exercise to offer a totally individualized treatment package that is simple and effective. Whether you call yourself an athlete or not, regaining effortless strain-free movement is something we can all strive for as part of a healthy and purposeful life. As a former endurance athlete (i.e. ultra-marathons, Ironman triathlons, cycling races, and cross-country skiing) I've made a lot of training errors and dealt with a lot of injuries over the years. I've learned from my mistakes and I am always excited to share my knowledge with anyone who is open to learning.

"It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials" -Bruce Lee
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Sarah Guitron Office Manager

When Sarah isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her little family. She has two young sons who are constantly on the move which means she too is always on the go. She enjoys spending as much time outside as Wisconsin’s ever-changing weather permits. She especially likes dragging her husband on long walks through the Kettle Moraine Trails. With any remaining free time that exists with being a mom to two toddlers, Sarah likes to dabble in photography, crafting and home improvement projects.